Food court Czech style

On a recent European road trip, we stopped off the main motorway in the Czech Republic we were on and found a little town complete with it’s own shopping center for a spot of lunch.  To be honest it was a nice break from driving on what had seemed to be the same old motorway for miles and miles.

We parked up and headed for the shopping center food court.  The signage around the place seemed easy to understand, knife, for and spoon with an arrow pointing in the direction of the food court, i for information pointing in another direction etc etc.  The was one sign that confused us and that was this one.monkey-sign-modWe looked at the sign above our heads, mainly because we were looking for the direction to find the much needed facilities and also where to find lunch.  The monkey symbol on the sign we *guessed* was a play area for little monkeys.  No we were wrong.  It was actually monkeys a pair of Pygmy Marmosets.


monkey-modThe Marmosets were behind glass in the far corner of the food court of the Czech shopping center.  To be honest it was the last thing we expected to see especially in a food court, from a notice nearby and my understanding of the Czech language being nil, I just about made out the word zoo so at a educated guess I would say that they were promoting a local zoo.  We didn’t go and seek out the local zoo as we only stopped for lunch as were on a tight driving schedule to get to our hotel in the Bavarian region of Germany before nightfall.