I wanted to scream but couldn’t

The torment you feel when you are waiting for the phone to ring and it doesn’t or that very important letter you may have been expecting for ages which never turn up.  In my case this morning I have been frantically hitting the re-fresh button in my email client.  And finally I have the result I have been waiting for I passed my maths exam.

I wanted to scream down the phone to S but when the time came and I told him the result I couldn’t scream I was overwhelmed with tears of joy, relief and a feeling of a dark cloud that been hanging over me suddenly lifting and disappearing.

There was a bottle of champagne that had been sitting on the shelf with the intention of saving for a special moment it went into the fridge earlier today, I don’t think it is going to last long while it is now open!

Thank you S for all your love, support, extra tuition and maybe some nagging (in the right places). This result isn’t just my achievement it’s yours too.