A mate called Dave

Everybody needs a mate called Dave, mine on the other hand isn’t called Dave, her name is G. we meet up once or twice a week for a coffee and a catch up, and generally bounce ideas off each other as well as sort out one another social calenders.

G is a science teacher and a mad one at that (no pun intended) to be honest the mad ones are the best in my book. I am always interested in hearing what she happens to be teaching this week. The other week we were looking through some of my recent holiday pictures; and it just so happened that some of the what I considered were random pictures in a vague but arty kind of way, she thought were great and asked if she could use them as teaching material for her class later that day.  Not everyday do the off the cuff pictures you take using your mobile phone get used for a science class teaching material.


I wonder if any of the photo’s I end up taking on my next trip will inspire the next generation of scientists in her classes she teaches.

I didn’t mind I was glad to help.